Meter Mounting for Solar Applications

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Solar Applications

Solar ready meter mounting designed for installation cost savings and future expansion


B-Line solar meter mounting products are designed specifically for labor savings and future expansion. As the efficiency of solar panels grows, the limitations of your service connection will remain limited making future additions expensive and time consuming. B-Line provides a full range of product, rated for PV output up to 200A, for both new and retrofit construction.



PV Meter Adapter

The most economical choice for solar installations in existing structures. This provides an at-meter connection point which allows the user to avoid routing wires through walls into the customer loadcenter. Rated for 160A PV output. For use with ring type meter sockets only.


One Way Meter Sockets

B-Line 125A rated meter sockets for one-way PV feed installations. These are available with isolate-able neutrals to meet utility requirements.