Group Meter Mounting

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Group Meter Mounting

Meter sockets and combination service disconnects for up to 6 tenants


B-Line's Group Metering line offers residential group meter sockets and meter mains for up to 6 tenant meters. Each consists of a main device and multiple meter sockets in one enclosure or several connected enclosures. Customers can install a multi-tenant metering device in one location to have a space-saving, cost-effective energy tabulation system.



Group Meter Sockets

Group Meter Socket, or All-In-Ones, allow multi-tenant metering in a single location and thus provide a space and installation cost savings for residential and light commercial applications. Ideal for garden apartments, small condominiums and townhouses where six or less units are metered through one centrally located meter pack.


Group Meter Mains

B-Line's Group Meter Mains are primarily used in light commercial applications such as strip malls, office complexes, and industrial parks. Devices are available with safety socket or lever bypass, or without bypass.