Current Transformer Metering

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Current Transformer Metering Products

Complete product line of products configurable to any utility specifications


B-Line offers a full line of Current Transformer (CT) rated metering products and enclosures. Current Transformer metering involves highly specified designs used by virtually all utilities where customer power requirements exceed 400A.



CT Rated Meter Sockets

B-Line CT rated meter sockets are available with test switch perch or can be purchased pre-wired and tested to your local utility's specifications to save time and labor.


CT Enclosures

B-Line CT Enclosures for donut and bar type CTs. Units are available with CT mounting bases & wire lugs pre-installed.


CT Mounting Bases

B-Line Bar Type CT mounting bases are rated for 400-800A service. These offer a cost saving alternative to wood panel cabinets as all components are mounting and correctly spaced. Bases meet EUSERC requirements.


Combination CT Enclosure/Meter Sockets

B-Line combination CT cabinets have a meter socket pre installed, a test switch perch, and provisions for a CT mounting base. These cabinets offer a cost and space saving alternative to  sourcing and installing components in multiple enclosures.


Test Switches

B-Line test switches can be configured to meet virtually any utility specification. These are available in multiple plating options, including nickel, to withstand any environment.



B-Line transockets are true ready-to-install CT metering solutions. Products are configured to meet utility specifications and local requirements.


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