BB8 Series Box Mounting Bracket with Integrated Cable Containment and Floor Stand

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Announcing New BB8 Series Bracket

Now compatible with Rapid Ring™


The BB8 Series box mounting bracket paired with the Rapid Ring Self Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring speeds installation, resulting in lower total cost of installation.  Its unique design helps take the guesswork out of installation by utilizing a pre-measured floor stand to ensure products are consistently mounted at a height of 18 inches. This unique feature allows for a reduction in installation time and added jobsite cost savings.

  • Compatible with 1-Gang and 2 -Gang Rapid Ring™ Self-Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring
  • Cable containment bracket (BBCC) and floor stand (BBFS)
  • Optional cable containment requires no tools to install and provides first means of support for MC Cable
  • Optional floor stand requires no tools to install and ensures consistent box height and eliminates need to measure for proper install height
  • Ideal for a wide variety of pre-fab installation requirements
  • Increased strength and rigidity to help withstand the stress of drywall installation
  • Accommodates 4” & 4-11/16” boxes and 1-1/2" or 2-1/8" deep boxes
  • Compatible with 1- and 2-Gang standard adjustable mud rings
  • Pre-Galvanized finish
  • Patent pending

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