BB70 Box Support Bracket

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BB70 Box Support Bracket

Unique rigid design adjusts to stud depths up to 6 inches


The unique interlocking design of the BB70 box support bracket & BB70E bracket extender increases the rigidity of the system.  The patent pending design adjusts to stud depths of 2.5” to 6" using these two parts, greatly reducing the complexity for stock locations and job-site installation.  The bracket is compatible with Rapid Ring™ pre-fab ring, adjustable plaster rings, the BBFS-18 floor stand and the BBCC cable containment clip.

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking wrap-around design provides extra rigidity
  • Adjustable for varying stud depths from 2 1/2" to 6"
  • Supports most U.S. and Canadian, standard 1-gang and 2-gang boxes and/or plaster rings on either side of the stud
  • Compatible with 1-gang and 2-gang Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab ring and adjustable plaster ring
  • Integral mounting tabs to attach plaster ring
  • Multiple brackets can be ganged together
  • Available factory assembled as part of the Ruff-IN™ pre-fab line with box, mud ring, and prewired devices

Catalog Number Description Stud Depth
BB70 Box Support Bracket 2-1/2" - 4"
BB70E Bracket Extender 5-1/2" - 6"

General Information