UL Listed Underground Meter Socket Adapter

Cooper B-Line Underground Meter Socket Adapter

Supplying electrical service underground as opposed to overhead has many benefits to both energy providers and consumers.  First, underground srevices are less susceptible to power outages due to storm damage, resulting in improved customer service.  Secondly, underground services are often less expensive to maintain, since expensive tree triming and bucket truck service are not required.  These inherit benefits, along with increased efforts for beautification, has driven demand for underground services. 

To meet this growing demand, Eaton developed a line of UL Listed Underground Meter Socket Adapters that are compatible with existing meter sockets, accommodating both 100 and 200 ampere services.  The adapters install with only a few minutes of power interruption during the switch-over.

Codes & Standards

The Underground Meter Socket Adapter meets or exceeds all of the following standards.

  • UL414 - self-contained meter socket construction and performance
  • UL50 - meter socket enclosure construction, NEMA 3R performance testing
  • NEC wire bending radius and current carrying capacity

Approved Locations

  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

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