The patented Redi-Rail™ Runway is a flexible, unique solution specifically designed for Data Cabling applications. Instead of a welded rung, the rung connection is made with hardware engineered for a strong connection, with the advantage that rungs can be removed using standard tools. In addition, the holes along the length of the side rail provide a convenient place to attach rungs and accessories without drilling in the field, saving labor in the field.

Features & Benefits


  • Removable rungs provide additional space for cables to enter or exit the runway
  • Adjustable rungs support drop outs in a precise location over a rack or cabinet
  • Outboard rungs helps segregate and organize multiple cable runs


  • Straight sections and standard splices are UL Classified
  • No bonding jumper is required at splice locations

Labor Savings

  • Light-weight for easy installation
  • Rungs adjust without cutting, saving time on the jobsite
  • Hanger rod brackets eliminate time to cut and install strut trapezes
  • Holes in side rail eliminate drilling to add accessories

Enables Future Expansion As Required

  • Outboard rungs allow for installation of horizontal cable runs alongside the same runway
  • Cable retaining posts allow for additional cables to be installed vertically along the runway path