Quick-Connect Hinged Cover Wireway and Accessories

Cooper B-Line Quick-Connect Wireway Image

Quick-Connect Hinged Cover Wireway System, patent pending, provides a secure and easy way to house runs of control and power cables.  A variety of fittings are available to create runs which can change directions, junction and terminate.


  • Fabricated from code gauge steel with mounting holes on the back
  • Available with or without knockouts on the top and bottom sides
  • Fittings have no knockouts, ends are available with or without knockouts
  • Wireway exceeding 72 inches in length has two overlapping covers
  • Wash and phosphate undercoat finish and ANSI 61 gray acrylic electrocoat finish options

Features & Benefits

  • No Loose Hardware

          - Manufacturer installed cover and connector hardware provides an easier and quicker installation

  • Removable & Reversible Hinging Screw-Down Cover

          - Provides flexibility and improved cable access

          - Helps secure the closure

  • Quick Connection Method

          - Slide-in connector with manufacturer installed hardware

          - Helps eliminate handling of hardware and attaching blind connections

          - Significantly reducing connector installation time by up to 75% 


  • Connectors - unique gate feature which can swing completely open allowing lay-in of wire and cable
  • Wireway adapter kits - connect to traditional Cooper B-Line screw and hinge cover wireway systems


  • UL 870 Listed, Type 1
  • CSA C22.2 No. 26 certified, Type 1
  • Conforms to NEMA standard for Type 1
  • IEC 60529, IP30