New England Metering and Distribution Equipment

As part of Eaton's ongoing commitment to the utility industry, the new Metering Product Line for the New England area was introduced. This new line includes a wide variety of products that have been approved or accepted by utilities in the New England Area (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,Vermont, and Upstate New York). 

As you look through our offering, you will find products with labor savings, safety, and quality improving innovations that were designed to meet your local utilities specific requirements.  Eaton's ability to provide superior service over a broad range of products is a winning combination that will make your every installation a success.

Utilities Acceptance and Approval List

  • Bangor Hydro
  • Central Main Power
  • Central Vermont Public Service
  • Northeast Utilities
  • Maine Public Service
  • National Grid
  • New Hampshire Electrical Co-op
  • N-Star

Product Offering

  • Single Meter Sockets 
  • Meter Mains
  • Current Transformer Rated Meter Sockets and Cabinets
  • Multi-Metering, Horizontal Gangs
  • Multi-Metering, Vertical Gangs
  • Disconnects
  • Wide Assortment of Accessories

Features & Benefits

  • Angled countered lugs for easier wiring with machined grooves for superior wire grip
  • Innovative T-Nut grounding system for expandable grounding capabilities
  • Lay-in Lug cap design for interchangeability or field retro-fits
  • Thicker Phenolic base to withstand over-torquing in the field
  • Surge bracket featuring a smooth wire to eliminate share edge and provide a safer installation
  • Heavy duty lever bypass actuator to extend product life time
  • One piece jaw to lug design to provide superior electrical continuity   

For more information, contact Cooper B-Line New England Sales Representative.

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