Florida Metering & Distribution Equipment

Cooper B-Line Florida Metering

As part of Eaton's ongoing commitment to the utility industry, the new Metering Product Line was introduced for the Florida market.  These new products represent the introduction of new transformer metering approved for use by the Florida Utility companies.

As you look through our offering, you will find products with labor savings, safety, and quality improving innovations that were designed to meet your local utilities specific requirements. Eaton's ability to provide superior service over a broad range of products is a winning combination that will make your every installation a success.

  • Current Transformer Rated Meter Sockets and Cabinets
  • Wide Assortment of Accessories



For more information, please contact the local Florida Representative for this product.

Simes-Sutton Associates, Inc
10330 Chedoak Ct., Ste 104
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Phone: 904-338-0625
Fax: 904-338-0638
Email: Jeffrey@simessutton.com

Utilities Acceptance and Approval List

  • Florida Power & Light (FP&L)
  • Progress Energy of Florida
  • Tampa Electrical Company (TECO)

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