TOLCO™ Fire Protection CPVC & Steel Pipe Hangers & Restrainers

Eaton’s TOLCO CPVC Pipe Hanging Systems are ideal solutions for hanging and restraining pipe in fire protection applications such as sprinkler systems.

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TOLCO™ Figure 22L2 One-Hole Hanger & Restraint

Fig. 22L2 - One Hole Hanger/Restrainer for CPVC & Steel Pipe

The TOLCO Fig. 22L2 is the only single fastener solution available for supporting CPVC and IPS piping to concrete ceilings.  It is designed to reduce installation time and allows for an easy, one-fastener attachment, while supporting pipes either vertically or horizontally on walls or ceilings.


  • cULus Listed as a hanger and restrainer per NFPA 13
  • cULus Listed to support both CPVC and Steel Piping per NFPA 13
  • Reduces installation cost and time with a single fastener
  • Allows installers to mount closer to fittings
  • Has no compression value on CPVC systems
  • Can also be installed into wood or steel  surfaces
  • Available in sizes ranging from ¾” to 2”

Fastener Required Load:

  • CPVC Systems - 345 lbs.
  • IPS Systems - 5x weight of water filled pipe (spacing used) + 250 lbs.


CPVC Pipe Hanger System

Cooper B-Line CPVC Pipe Hangers Image

Eaton’s TOLCO CPVC Pipe Hanging System feature enhanced thermal properties, making it an ideal option for fire protection applications such as sprinkler systems.  As a non-combustible material, CPVC provides a high degree of resistance to fire and smoke, and will not contribute to flashover. It is naturally resistant to corrosion, extending durability and longevity while reducing maintenance requirements.  Also, a beveled edge design helps protect against rough or abrasive surfaces.


  • Support CPVC and Steel piping in different orientations as a support, guide, or surge restraint
  • Beveled edges eliminate potential for pipe damage
  • No sharp edges and no compressive loading which allow the pipe to expand and contract safely
  • Pre-packaged with hardware for mounting to wood beams
  • UL listed
  • Meet and exceeds requirements of NFPA13,13R, and 13D
  • Retaining dimples (2-hole, side mount) simplify installation
  • Available in pre-galvanized finish