Open Box Mounting Bracket

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Open Box Mounting Bracket

Rigid and unique design provide job-site flexibility


Open Box Mounting Bracket Provides Flexibility on the Job-Site

The new rigid BB7-16 and BB7-24 open box mounting bracket provides job-site flexibility with a unique design that allows for modification to fit non-standard stud centers.  This patent pending bracket supports most U.S. boxes and plaster rings; and is compatible with the Rapid Ring™ pre-fab ring, adjustable plaster ring and the BBFS-18 floor stand.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports most standard U.S. boxes and plaster rings
    • 4" sq.
    • 4 11/16" sq.
    • 5" sq.
  • Multi-gang electrical boxes
  • Opening allows for adjustability of electrical box position between studs as well as multiple electrical boxes
  • Compatible with Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab ring and adjustable plaster rings
  • Compatible with B-Line BBFS-18 floor stand
  • May be field modified for stud openings down to 6" between studs
  • Ruler marks aid in positioning and alignment of electrical box and plaster ring
  • Pre-galvanized steel
  • Patent pending
  • Available factory assembled as part of the Ruff-IN™ pre-fab line with box, mud ring, and prewired devices

Catalog Number Description Stud Wdith
BB7-16 Open Box Mounting Bracket 16"
BB7-24 Open Box Mounting Bracket 24"

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