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KwikSplice™ cable tray system

Unique, patented two-bolt splice plate provides high strength to weight ratio.


Power provided by the sun. Performance provided by Eaton.

Eaton designs and manufactures industry-leading B-Line series cable management solutions for Commercial and Utility Scale Photovoltaic projects, for rooftop and ground installations.

Unmatched Manufacturing Capacity

With over one million square feet of a global manufacturing footprint, Eaton consistently provides quality products for virtually any solar project size or location.

Speed of Installation

Our culture of innovation drives our engineers and staff to design unique labor- and time-saving cable management systems that provide total lowest cost of installation.

Complete Cable Management System

Eaton is uniquely positioned to offer a full line of complementary components to seamlessly install B-Line series cable management systems with supports, strut, enclosures, fasteners and more to help maximize efficiency and technologies within your solar project.

Cable Management Solutions

KwikSplice™ Cable Tray

  • High strength to weight ratio reducing system weight in rooftop applications
  • Assembles with 50% of the splice labor vs. traditional ladder tray systems due to its two‐bolt splice design
  • Lower total installed cost when compared to wire basket cable tray systems

Cable Manager Solutions

  • Available in a variety of styles, materials and finishes
  • Includes wide range of accessories for flexible design
  • Structural steel savings opportunities for cable ladder systems

Pier Support Brackets

  • Manufactured to accommodate multiple pier sizes
  • Installs without drilling or welding
  • Dual‐arm bracket enables NEMA VE‐2 compliance at expansion joints without additional ground supports
  • Less hardware when compared to other support options in the industry

Adjustable Pipe & Strut Support Bracket

  • Easy leveling of support system surface when grade is uneven
  • Utilizes pipe or conduit for ground stakes
  • Mounting hole allows for easy strut attachment

Dura‐Blok Supports

  • Allows for ‘drop and go’ installation of supports
  • Can be used on landfill and rooftop solar applications where ground penetration is prohibited
  • Strut profile allows for easy attachment of hold down clamps and accessories

Engineered Solutions

Cable Tray Lengths Matched to Pier Spacing

  • Allows for piers to be used as support points
  • Eliminates waste
  • Reduces amount of field cuts needed

Engineering Design Assistance

  • Material takeoffs
  • Design optimization and cost reduction
  • Code compliance

Additional Cable Tray Options