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Government Market

One-source provider of resources, expertise and innovative products for government electrical, mechanical and datacom applications


Eaton's B-Line series supports architects, engineers and contractors with industry leading support system and enclosure product solutions for electrical, mechanical/plumbing, structural, and communications facility subsystems. If you are designing or constructing a government building, partner with the leading manufacturer of support systems and enclosures for the government buildings market.

Why Eaton:

  • Broad range support systems and enclosures solutions
  • Innovative and offer time savings products
  • Lowest total cost solution provider
  • Design and specification tools

When you combine all of these proven benefits, there is only one clear, constructive choice: Eaton. Contact us today and build momentum with a true American, solutions first resource.

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As a leader in the electrical market, our products fully support and protect the electrical subsystems of a building, from outlets to meters. A member of NEMA, we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding industry standards. Our electrical subsystem products include:

Supported by the exacting standards of design, engineering, and manufacturing, Eaton offers the most complete line of mechanical and plumbing system supports in the industry, including:

Eaton's B-Line series products are often used in conjunction with the structural elements of a building to help these systems conform to local building codes, resist external forces, such as seismic activity or wind resistance, and support both static and dynamic loads of the equipment and/or personnel. Our structural subsystem products include:

A leading global manufacturer of support systems and enclosures for voice/data/video (VDV) communications systems, our products protect your critical network infrastructure and route the cabling throughout the building. You have multiple product choices for deployments from a small telecom closet to an enterprise data center. Our communications subsystems products include: