SNAP 'N SHIELD™ Clevis and Pipe Supports

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Snap ‘N Shield Universal Support

The Snap ‘N shield universal pipe support system features a shield with three cartridges options; making it ideal for flexibility during installation.

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SNAP 'N SHIELD™ Supports

Pipe support snaps into channel providing support for pipe while helping eliminate shield movement and helping prevent pipe insulation damage

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Clevis support slides easily into place on clevis pipe hangers to help stablize pipe and help prevent insulation damage or leaking from pipe shield movement


Reliable, Durable and Cost Effective Solutions to Protect Your Insulation

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SNAP 'N SHIELD Pipe Supports

Cooper B-Line Snap 'N Shield Pipe Support

Snap ‘N Shield pipe supports offer maximum protection for insulated pipe. It snaps directly into channel to help eliminate shield movement and help prevent insulation damage that can lead to costly leaks. The support helps protect insulation from damage caused by rubbing against other pipes and fittings and allows pipe to expand. The Snap 'N Shield support is ideal for horizontal pipe runs in refrigeration, air conditioning or plumbing applications. [Learn more]


  • Fast, easy installation
  • No tools required
  • Designed for side-by-side installation
  • UL classified for US
  • Meets UL94 HB flammability standards

Snap ‘N Shield Universal Pipe Supports


The Snap ‘N shield universal pipe support system features a shield with three cartridges options; making it ideal for flexibility during installation. The system allows for use on strut, clevis hanger or angle iron. [Learn more]

  • Lip design at ends of shield allow for lateral movement of piping without damaging insulation
  • Snap on design helps eliminate shield movement
  • Fast, easy installation – no tools required
  • Suited for horizontal pipe runs
  • Integrated slots for liquid line tie wraps
  • Clevis hanger cartridge has optional magnetic shock detection device
  • Universal Snap 'N Shield Spec Sheet

Snap ‘N Shield Clevis & B3100 Clevis Hanger – Now Sold Together

SNAP 'N SHIELD Clevis Hanger From Cooper B-Line

The Snap ‘N Shield clevis pipe support system offers maximum protection for insulated pipe supported by clevis hangers. The B3100 clevis hanger mounted pipe shield system snaps directly onto B-Line series clevis pipe hangers helping eliminate shield movement from thermal expansion and contraction. By doing so, this aids in the prevention of pipe insulation damage which ultimately prevents costly leaks from direct contact between piping and clevis hangers. [Learn more]


  • Now sold with B3100 included ; assembly required
  • Quick and easy to snap-on to B-Line series clevis hangers with no tools required
  • Helps eliminates shield shifting, displacement and rotation
  • Integrated slots for liquid line tie wraps
  • Built-in shock indicator
  • Suitable for wide range of insulated pipes with nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 8”