Rack Cable Management Plus (RCM+) System

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Rack Cable Management Plus (RCM+) System

Solution for datacom rack applications and cable management


Eaton’s B-Line series rack cable management plus (RCM+) product line is enhanced to provide greater network rack density, featuring up to 30% more total rack cable capacity versus leading competitors in its class. The innovative system includes greater cable capacity, low-profile mounting and three color options, including Eaton white.

The RCM+ stylistic design complements the high-tech look of modern network environments. The line is offered in a broad range of widths, heights, and depths to support most rack cable applications. It is UL listed, and designed to meet or exceed TIA/EIA standards that reference cable management products.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 15% increase in vertical manager bulk capacity
  • Up to 75% reduction in horizontal cable management RMU requirements
  • Up to 30% reduction in vertical manager weight for easier installation
  • 50% increase in finger length
  • ePDU mounting holes allow installation of ePDU’s directly to the back removable cover
  • Floor mounting brackets for increased stability
  • ‘Eaton White’ color option supports data center efficiency by reducing overhead lighting requirements

Product Line Overview

  • High density vertical cable managers
  • Low density vertical cable manager
  • Dual density vertical cable manager
  • Horizontal cable managers
  • Back removal cover
  • Door kits
  • Velcro cable straps and accessories
  • Cable spools & kits
  • Floor mounting brackets
  • Finger bracket sections

Need a complete kit? Order our RCM+ Vertical Manager Kit

  • High density vertical manager
  • Cable spools
  • Back removable cover
  • Velcro straps

RCM+ Vertical Manager Kit

  • 6” wide - SB86086SK084FB
  • 10” wide – SB860810SK084FB

General Information

Catalog Part Numbers

SB7275/8x6, SB7283/4x6, SB860810D066, SB860810D072, SB860810D078, SB860810D084, SB860810D090, SB860810D096, SB860810D108, SB860810S066, SB860810S072, SB860810S078, SB860810S084, SB860810S090, SB860810S096, SB860810S108, SB860810SK084FB, SB860812D066, SB860812D072, SB860812D078, SB860812D084, SB860812D084, SB860812D090, SB860812D096, SB860812D108, SB860812S066, SB860812S072, SB860812S078, SB860812S084, SB860812S090, SB860812S096, SB860812S108, SB860812SK084FB