BUZZNUT™ slip-on lock nut washer

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Quick, slip-on design allows washer to lock into place at any point along threaded rod

Cooper B-Line BUZZNUT Slip-On Lock Nut Washer

The B-Line BUZZNUT slip-on lock nut washer can be installed at any desired position on all threaded rod, eliminating the need to thread hex nuts up the entire length of the rod.  It slips on easily and allows the installer to retro-fit a trapeze without disassembling the entire existing support system.  The design has been time tested and can reduce installation by up to 42%.



  • Combination design reduces on-site material handling
  • Can be easily removed and adjusted
  • Replaces jam nuts in high vibratory applications
  • Load capacities similar to all threaded rod
  • Available in Zinc Plated or 316 stainless steel

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