ARMAFIX™ Clamp Inserts

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Clamp inserts help protect pipes from compression and condensation


B-Line Armafix Clamp Inserts are ideal for continuous insulated tubing at the point of support.  The “foam-to-foam” bonded solution provides optimum load bearing capability while protecting against insulation compression and condensation gaps that can compromise system integrity.  Special friction tape is installed on the inside of the clamp to inhibit insert slip.



  • Prevent Condensation
    Closed-cell elastomeric foam prevents the flow of moisture vapor
  • Maintain Total Insulation System Integrity
    Foam-to-foam bond prevents gaps in the insulation system
    No “icing” at point of support
  • Reduce Total Installed Costs
    Eliminates time-consuming field modifications to seal insulation at the point of support
  • Prevents Even the Most Common Cause of Ceiling Damage & Wet Floors
    No more water stained, sagging ceilings or wet floors caused by condensation drips at hanger locations

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