4Dimension™ Strut Trapeze Solutions

Flip Clip™ Trapeze Solution


The Flip Clip™ trapeze solution is designed to slide into the ends of the 4Dimension strut, and attach to 3/8” or ½” all threaded rod; saves up to 30% installation time over traditional methods.  The unique design also eliminates up to 50% of the parts used to assemble a traditional trapeze solution.

The Flip Clip solution will self-lock into place on 4Dimension strut systems with SH hole patterns, and can be used with 4Dimension long home and solid with the addition of a self-tap screw to lock into place.

4Dimension™ Turn and Lock Trapeze Solution


The unique locking mechanism of the turn and lock trapeze solution eliminates the need for lock nuts, thereby reducing parts to assemble by up to 50%.  Attaches onto 3/8” all threaded rod at any point along the length and eliminates the need for hex nuts, saving installation time.