4Dimension™ Strut Fittings & Accessories

Innovative strut fittings and accessories help eliminate the need for special orders of welded configurations. Utilizing the new 4Dimension™ channel nuts, up to 90% of our traditional fittings can be used with the 4Dimension™ channel.

Fittings to Create Alternatives to Traditional Welded Back to Back Strut


4Dimension™ Snap on Clamp

Field adjustable, the snap on clamp allows the installer create back to back configurations (as an alternative to traditional A & E3 welded channel) using two or more lengths of 4 Dimension 4D22, 2 inch x  2 inch 4Dimensional channel, helping eliminate the need for special orders.


4Dimension™ Dual Dove-Tail Nut

Allowing for jobsite flexibility, the dual dove-tail nut allows the installer to attach two lengths of 4Dimension strut back to side eliminating the need to special order A & D strut combination designs.  To achieve this configuration, one side of the 4Dimension strut must have “SH” slotted hole pattern.


4Dimension™ Dove-Tail Bar

Using the dove-tail bar on the jobsite, installers can easily join any two dove-tail slot of the 4Dimension strut systems (for horizontal support applications*), eliminating the need to special order A, A4, AD3, B, C, C3, D, D3, and several more traditional strut welded combinations. This solution is also ideal for splice or trapeze solutions.

*Not recommended for vertical strut support applications

4Dimension™ Strut System Post Base


The post base supports 4Dimensional strut systems for vertical or horizontal base support.