4Dimension™ Strut Clamps

4Dimension™ Strut Universal Pipe Clamp


Universal pipe clamp is ideal for traditional strut continuous open slot, 4Dimension strut continuous open slot and dove-tail side of the 4Dimension strut for four inch and smaller pipe clamps.  The clamp supports the same design load in either continuous slot or dove-tail solutions (reference safety factor in catalog for more information).

4Dimension™ Strut System Beam Clamp


The universal design of the beam clamp saves installation time by eliminating the need to remove a nut and washer during install, and is compatible with 4Dimension strut and traditional strut systems.

4Dimension™ Strut System Two Piece Strengthening Clamp


To support high load ratings, the unique two-piece break apart design helps increases the 4Dimension strut system strength when installed. This clamp is recommended for ceiling grip applications and other applications that require higher loads. It can also be used as an all threaded rod (ATR) hanger support accessory.