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High Performance Ladder (HPL) Series

B-Line High Performance Ladder (HPL) Series is designed to literally save tons in overall weight for offshore and modular projects.  This patent-pending cable ladder offers a unique combination of low weight and high strength, which allows for increased load capacities while keeping project weight budgets in balance.  To learn just how much weight can be reduced, view the HPL Series video.

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BB8 Series Bracket

The BB8 series bracket paired with the Rapid Ring Self Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring speeds installation, resulting in lower total cost of installation.  Its unique design helps take the guesswork out of installation by utilizing a pre-measured floor stand to ensure products are consistently mounted at a height of 18 inches. This unique feature allows for a reduction in installation time and added jobsite cost savings.

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New Literature Website

A new literature fulfillment website is now available for use! View and order the latest versions of our catalogs and other printed materials.

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Eaton and Cooper – united to power more possibilities

Our combined strength enables us to look at the world through a larger lens, to see more possibilities and better opportunities. Enabling you to more efficiently manage energy consumption, increase uptime and lower costs - while keeping personnel, equipment and data safe.


Eaton’s B-Line division offers a broad range of support systems, seismic bracing solutions, electrical enclosures and wireways designed to save time and lower total installed cost. The B-Line business serves customers in the oil and gas, mining, solar, communications and data centers, commercial construction and other markets.


Weight Saving Solutions>

Save tons of weight on offshore and modular applications while improving performance.  The new High Performance Ladder (HPL) Series offers a high strength to weight ratio and allows for increased load capacities while keeping weight budgets in balance.

Redi-Rail NEMA 12B Cable Tray From Cooper B-Line

Redi-Rail™ System>

The Redi-Rail™ Cable Tray System features a mechanically fastened rung as well as an I-Beam side rail design that maximizes efficiency while maintaining NEMA 12B load ratings.


J-Hook Color ID Clips>

B-Line J-Hook Color ID Clips are ideal for use in data centers and light-duty commercial cable management applications where there is a need for color designation.  Ideal for new and retro-fit applications, these simple solutions are designed to snap onto existing B-Line J-Hook products.

BRC6M Cable Support from Cooper B-Line

BRC6M Cable Support>

With a one-piece design, the B-Line BRC6M Cable Support supports up to six runs of MC cables.  Its quick install design allows for labor savings on the jobsite.