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What if four sides gave you endless structural support options?

Our B-Line series 4Dimension strut system re-imagines subsystem infrastructure design with an innovative new strut and turn-and-lock accessories that can cut materials and installation costs in half.

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New large enclosure video

Eaton’s B-Line series large enclosures provide reliable electrical equipment protection for variable frequency drives, motors, controls, electrical devices, and other power distribution equipment.  

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Monitor your critical operation in comfort and style with Eaton's innovative Aware Command Console.

  • Integrated power, cable management and storage solutions
  • Unmatched ergonomics with sit-to-stand capability and personal environment controls
  • High aesthetics with new finishes and color options

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OSHPD Pre-Approved Seismic Bracing Guidelines

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KwikSplice Cable Tray Systems>

The KwikSplice system is a light-weight, yet durable cable management system that is rated for NEMA 12A and 12B load classes. The system is ideal for commercial, light-industrial, data center, healthcare, education and government cable management applications.


RS Enclosures>

From the Eaton RS Enclosure to Racks and Runway and accessories, Eaton has a wide variety of solutions to meet your network closet and data center requirements.


Telescoping Bracket and Pipe Clamps>

The mounting bracket and box mounting clip allow for pre-fabrication of the box assembly which helps reduce installation time. The bracket features a unique flange end that mounts multiple box depths, and has increased rigidity to help withstand drywall installation.